At our Cattery, we take pride in breeding only the most exceptional Kings & Queens. These feline royalty are bred to the highest health standard, ensuring that they are not only physically fit, but also mentally and emotionally sound. We understand that having a pet is a big responsibility, which is why we prioritize the well-being of our cats above all else.

Our kittens are specifically sold as pets only, as we believe that these majestic creatures are meant to be cherished as companions and not used for any other purpose. We take great care in matching each kitten with the perfect family, ensuring that they will receive the proper love and care that they deserve.

When you purchase one of our cats, we guarantee that they will be in good health at the date of sale. We understand that taking care of a pet can be expensive, which is why we offer this guarantee to give you peace of mind. Our cats are carefully examined by a licensed veterinarian to ensure that they are free of any health issues before they are released to their new homes.

With breeding our KINGS & QUEENS, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality feline companions. Our cats are bred to the highest standards, sold as pets only, and guaranteed to be in good health at the date of sale. We hope that you will consider adding one of our furry friends to your family!

Meet King THOR, a handsome and majestic young Stud who has captured the hearts of many with his stunning looks and charming personality. At just 18 months old, he already weighs a healthy 22 pounds, a testament to his excellent health and well-being under our care.

We take pride in our breeding program, which has been focused on producing cats with thick, luxurious black coats like King THOR’s for the past 17 years. Our dedication to breeding only the best has resulted in many happy clients who have taken home kittens that have grown into thriving and beautiful cats.

If you’re looking for a feline companion with a striking appearance and a loving nature, King THOR might just be the one for you. He will be siring kittens in the summer of 2024, and we can’t wait for the world to meet his offspring.

King THOR’s impressive size is no surprise, given that his parents are none other than ODIN and FRIGGA, two equally impressive felines. With such a strong lineage, we have no doubt that King THOR’s kittens will be just as stunning and remarkable as their parents.

So, if you’re in search of a feline companion that is sure to turn heads and steal hearts, look no further than King THOR and his upcoming litter of beautiful kittens.

Thor Maine coon cats for sale

Introducing the majestic Queen FRIGGA, a stunning red Maine Coon with a dominant personality that exudes confidence and elegance. This regal feline possesses an outgoing and playful nature that is matched only by her vocal prowess – she’s quite the chatterbox! Her tail is a magnificent, fluffy spectacle that is sure to turn heads wherever she goes, and we eagerly anticipate the growth of her mane, which promises to be a sight to behold. Born from the esteemed lineage of Elsa and Neverwinter, she is one of our newest queens and has already captured the hearts of all who have had the pleasure of meeting her. Her impeccable genetics and striking features are a testament to her royal heritage, and we are honored to have her as a part of our cattery. Long live Queen FRIGGA!

Frigga maine coon cat for sale

Queen OCTAVIA is truly a sight to behold. Her majestic presence commands attention with her large Patch Tabby frame, striking green eyes that seem to sparkle in the light, long and lean body, and a luxurious coat that is so silky and smooth to the touch. Her beauty is truly unmatched, and it is no wonder why so many people are drawn to her. But it’s not just her physical appearance that makes her stand out – her personality is just as captivating. With a friendly and outgoing disposition, she loves nothing more than to interact with others and make new friends. Her meows and purrs are music to the ears of anyone who has the pleasure of being in her presence, and she always seems to have something important to say. Queen Octavia truly is the queen of the feline world, and she reigns supreme with her beauty, charm, and charisma.

Octavia maine coon cats for sale

Queen NEBULA is an exquisite feline with a mesmerizing coat that is a blend of various hues, making her a sight to behold. Her fur is so soft and luscious that one cannot resist petting her. Her big paws are a testament to her strength and agility, and her fluffy tail adds to her charm. She is a kind and gentle soul, always curious about her surroundings, and inquisitive about everything. 

Queen Nebula is also a talented entertainer, and she loves to showcase her skills to win treats and head pats. Her singing is especially impressive, and she has a knack for hitting the perfect notes that leave her audience mesmerized. She is a new mother, and the joy of motherhood radiates from her every action. She is still growing, and her playful nature is a testament to her youthful energy.

Queen Nebula is a magnificent cat with a mesmerizing coat, big paws, and a fluffy tail.. She is a new mother and is still growing, and her youthful energy is infectious. Anyone who is lucky enough to cross paths with this magnificent feline is sure to fall in love with her enchanting personality and captivating presence.

Nebula maine coon cats for sale

King ODIN is not just any ordinary Maine Coon, he is a vibrant red one with a dominant personality that is hard to miss. He is a true king in every sense of the word, with his regal appearance and majestic aura. Odin is a cat that loves the spotlight, and he is always the life of the party.

His outgoing and playful nature is infectious, and he is always up for a good game or a chat. His talkative nature is something that his owners adore, as he always has something to say. When he is in the mood, he will happily engage in a conversation with anyone who will listen.

One of the most striking features of King ODIN is his impressively fluffy tail. It is a thing of beauty, and it is hard not to be mesmerized by its lushness. His owners are eagerly waiting for his mane to grow out, as they are sure it will be just as impressive as his tail.

At 5 years old, King ODIN is the oldest stud in the cattery right now. But age has not dulled his spirits, and he is still as sprightly and energetic as ever. He is a cat that is full of life, and his owners are grateful to have him in their lives.

Odin maine coon cat for sale

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